Date: 2017-06-19 04:26 pm (UTC)
solarbird: (tracer)
From: [personal profile] solarbird
Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥

I've wondered several times how people not familiar with the Overwatch universe lore would take the story, since it's so tied in with that world.

In canon world, of course, Tracer discovers - on site - that Widowmaker has been sent by Talon to assassinate Mondatta, and Mondatta dies as Talon planned. Talon's goals are not clear at any point so far - they're Vague and Menacing, but a big ball of evil. (Reaper also works for them; Sombra works with them but is freelance.)

Overwatch went down in that universe similarly to how they went down here, but a year later, and I have reasons for moving that date that I hope will show up in another story. They are (illegally) recalled by Winston in 2076 (a year earlier), who was not exiled but merely decommissioned. As in this story, the new Overwatch is illegal and much smaller than the original.

Also, in canon, Amélie Lecroix was the wife of Gérard Lecroix, head of anti-Talon operations at Overwatch. She was kidnapped and recovered, apparently mostly okay other than the kind of traumatic reaction you'd expect, but had been secretly neurally reconditioned by Talon. She then killed her husband (as per her reconditioning) and returned to Talon, to become their best assassin. In theory, she feels nothing at all, except satisfaction at her assassinations.

There are also lots of hints in game that we are not supposed to buy this story.

Here is the animated short that introduced Widowmaker, called "Alive," which is another title I am intentionally inverting. (See also the end of chapter six, "blue and grey and a bit too much red." That last sentence is very specific.) You've seen the story already in short form in Chapter 10, but the chemistry between Amélie and Lena is absolutely smokin' and spawned a lot of ships. But the betrayal in Lena's voice is why I can't ship canon Lena and canon Amélie - I can't buy that Tracer would ever forgive Widowmaker after this.
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